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Employment Opportunities

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Do you like working on Classic Cars?

Would you like a career in the Classic Car Restoration and Customization industry?

Due to high demand, we are currently looking for skilled technicians to fill positions, such as: Metal Fabricators, Mechanics, Upholstery Specialist and Body Work and Paint Technicians. If you have what it takes and would like to work in a fun and creative environment, then this may be the place for you.

We offer: Vacation Pay, 401K, Life Insurance, Medical and Dental Insurance!

We have a 4 day work week schedule!

Feel free to come by and fill out an application, email us your resume to:, or call us at: 704-483-4826.

We pay competative wages based on skill level!

What should you know about buying a classic car?

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There are five important areas to think about before purchasing a classic vehicle. These basic steps will help in selecting the right collectable car for you!

1. Never impulse buy – This has been a mistake with all of us when looking at cars. We see something that we think we need and it ends up becoming a regrettable purchase in the long run. Once this happens we are willing to lose money just to get rid of the vehicle. Always take your time and do not be in a rush to purchase, even if there is a lot of interest in the vehicle. Keep in mind that there will always be another one around the corner.
2. Investment – For ones that are wanting to have a return on their money, or at least break even when they sell a car, it is important to think about how well does the car hold its value and will that value rise over time. This may necessitate doing research on car values and seeing what ones are selling for.
3. Use of the vehicle – Will you be driving the car for enjoyment or will it be a trailer queen? Do you care if it gets driven in the rain? Are you looking for low miles car? Buying a car with a few more miles on it can save some money at the beginning. Also, are you planning on restoring or resto-modding the car? These are all important questions to answer to help in determining the use before purchasing.
4. Research – It good to become familiar with the car you plan to purchase. It would be good to research such items as; VIN number locations, options that were on the vehicle, original components that should be on the car, engine options, etc. Knowing these facts, and what to look for, will save you from having to hunt these items down, which can be costly if they are rare.
5. Inspect the car – Search for rust thoroughly around the vehicle. Check the mechanical and electrical systems, look for any major paint issues, etc. These items can be costly if missed!

Contact Klassic Rides today! We offer services to inspect and evaluate a vehicle that you may be interested in purchasing.