About our exterior services

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Our exterior services

Paint, Body and Metal Fabrication, Stainless Trim Restoration, Wood Bed Refinishing and Installation and replace, or repair, Convertible Tops.

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Paint Services

At Klassic Rides we can handle any kind of paint work, from a concourse restoration, using original colors, to a resto-mod or hot rod using custom paint. Some of the types of custom painting that can be done at our shop are: (Metal Flake, Heavy Metal Flake, Flames, Candies and Lace Panels) Our Paint Technician is a certified PPG paint technician has over 25 years of experience in paint and body.

Body and Metal Fabrication

Our Body and Metal Fabricators have over 60 years of combined experience. They are skilled in metal work, rust removal, and body blocking and Paint preparation.

Body Work Process

Before a car is ever ready for paint, at Klassic Rides, we go through a thorough process to make sure that your car is done right the first time! The first step in our body work process is to media blast the car. (This will allow for a clean surface and will reveal if there is any need of rust repair.) After media blast, the car is then prepared for epoxy. This is accomplished by using a wash primer, followed by an epoxy primer that is allowed to cure for 7 days. (This is done to protect the car from rusting.) If by chance the car is in need of rust removal, our skilled technicians will then do the necessary metal work and fabrication. During this process, any welded seams are then media blasted, followed by wash primer and epoxy primer. (This will prevent any rust from occurring after the repair process.) After these steps are executed, our body technicians will then begin body work. (This is a labor intensive process.) The body work begins with applying an prep epoxy, followed by a skin coat with polyester products. A polyester primer is then applied to the body of the car and this is recoated as needed. During this long procedure there are many hours of blocking to smooth the cars body. Finally a car will be ready for paint! At Klassic Rides, we believe in quality of work not in expediency! We treat your car as we would our own, by doing things the right way the first time!

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About our interior services

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Klassic Rides, offers many services for the interior of your classic car, muscle car, resto-mod or hot rod. At our shop, we offer everything to restore or customize your interior. We specialize in: seat upholstery, carpet, headliners, door panels and dashes. Our Upholstery and Interior technicians have many years of experience in this field and can do anything from top to bottom in the interior of your car.

We also specialize in the installation of Vintage Air systems and Dakota Digital Dash instrumentation. These accessories will provide air conditioning to your classic car and for those that like a more modern look, on the inside, you can have digital instrumentation. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in installing these units.

Over the years, the wires in a car can become brittle and then crack or break, causing a wiring nightmare. To solve this problem, Klassic Rides offers wiring services. Our skilled Electrical technicians will repair or replace old wiring, so we can get your Classic Car back on the road. For ones that may simply want to upgrade the wiring in their classic car, we offer wiring services to meet the needs of our customers.

Our interior services

Seat upholstery, Carpet, Headliners, Door panels, Dash restoration. We also specialize in Wiring Services for your Classic Car. We install Vintage Air systems and Dakota Digital instrumentation.

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About our car upgrade services

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We also specialize in upgrades for your Classic or Muscle Car.

Our car upgrade services

Engine Upgrades – LS conversions, Coyote Swaps, Drivetrain Upgrades, Suspension Upgrades, Disc Brake Conversions and Upgrades, Vintage Air Systems, Dakota Digital Instrumentation, Wiring Services.

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Car Upgrade Examples

About our hydro-dip services

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Hydrographics is a method of applying printed patterns on 3D objects, commonly called Water Transfer Printing.

A Poly-vinyl film is laid in a specially designed dipping tank and an activator chemical is applied to the film. This activator dissolves the film into liquid ink which stays a float on the surface of the water. Then an object is dipped slowly through the floating ink and the pattern is transferred to the object. Last, an automotive grade clear coat is applied to protect the finish.

Our hydro-dip services

The hydrographics process can be done on any material that can hold the base coat and that can be submerged into water safely. Some of the materials that can be hydro-dipped are: metals, wood, plastic, stone, Bakelite, ceramic, etc.

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Hydro-Dip Examples